Our Services

Matthew James Consulting offers a range of comprehensive, outsourced pre-employment screening and background checking services designed to meet your specific needs. Our services have been developed over time by working with firms in a variety of industry sectors and are delivered with the candidate experience at their heart.

Pre-Employment Screening

The process of evaluating individuals by conducting background checks and assessing their suitability for a specific position in an organisation

Re-Screening projects

Re-running some, or all, previously conducted checks to ensure relevance and keeping screening up to date. Often done on a cyclical basis

Regulatory Screening

Screening that is carried out to ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards within a specific industry or jurisdiction

International Screening

Checking an individual’s records in countries that they have previously lived

Ad Hoc Screening

On-demand, non-routine screening conducted as needed, typically in response to specific circumstances, rather than following a predetermined or regular schedule