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Why Choose Us:

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced Pre-Employment Screening and Background Checking services, delivered through modern technology with a human touch. We understand the importance of making informed hiring decisions. Our comprehensive screening services ensure you have all the information you need to build a safe and reliable workforce.

Pre-Employment Screening

The process of evaluating individuals by conducting background checks and assessing their suitability for a specific position in an organisation

Re-Screening projects

Re-running some, or all, previously conducted checks to ensure relevance and keeping screening up to date. Often done on a cyclical basis

Regulatory Screening

Screening that is carried out to ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards within a specific industry or jurisdiction

International Screening

Checking an individual’s records in countries that they have previously lived

Ad Hoc Screening

On-demand, non-routine screening conducted as needed, typically in response to specific circumstances, rather than following a predetermined or regular schedule

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Pre-Employment Screening?

      Pre-Employment Screening involves conducting background checks on potential employees. This process helps employers verify the accuracy of the information provided by candidates and ensures a safe and secure work environment.

    • What services does Matthew James Consulting offer?

      Matthew James Consulting offers a range of comprehensive pre-employment screening services, including (but not limited to) criminal records checks, right to work checks, employment history, regulatory reference checks, adverse credit history and education verification. Our services are designed to meet your specific needs and industry requirements. Contact Us to find out more.

    • How long does the screening process take?

      The turnaround time for screening depends on the complexity of the checks required. On average, our screenings are completed within 7 days. We prioritise accuracy without compromising efficiency.

    • How do you ensure data privacy and security?

      Matthew James Consulting takes data privacy and security very seriously. We employ industry-leading practices to safeguard all sensitive information. Our processes comply with all relevant data protection regulations, and we do not share or disclose any information without proper authorisation.

    • Can I customise the screening process for my industry?

      Absolutely. We understand that each industry has unique requirements. Our team works closely with you to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

    • What compliance standards does Matthew James Consulting adhere to?

      Matthew James Consulting adheres to all relevant industry regulations and compliance standards. We stay up-to-date with changes in legislation to ensure that our screening processes remain compliant at all times.

  • How do I get started with Matthew James Consulting?

    Getting started with us is easy. Simply Contact Us and our team will guide you through the process. We'll discuss your specific requirements and tailor our services to meet your needs.