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World Sleep Day

Today is #worldsleepday and we thought we would share some of the teams tips to improve your sleep routine.

Finally sleep is being recognised as a major part of mental health, and mental health is being recognised as being as important as healthy eating.

The work day will most likely be impacted by the amount of sleep you are getting.

For some sleep is ‘easy’ and a natural process but for others this is a cause of worry and frustration which unfortunately will also negatively impact the ‘trying to get to sleep’ process.

We talk about sleep a lot in the office and thought we would share some top tips we’ve come across (so far), please feel free to send us more!

  • Audiobooks; Listening to audiobooks for films already known/seen so that you can visualise the film whilst listening – Harry Potter is the winning favourite

  • Relaxing Smells – Pillow/Room Sprays and Lush sell a ‘sleepy’ cream which is top rated

  • Set the blue light filter on your phone and ideally putting the phone away a couple of hours before bed

  • Valerian Tea (or tincture) – The smell is not great but it really does appear to work some magic and is usually found in most herbal sleep remedies.

  • Understanding more about sleep, why we need it, the science around it: Fully recommend ‘Why We Sleep’ By Matthew Walker

We think it’s essential to be able to discuss these topics at work; sleep effects productivity and the general feel of the office so it’s important that it is seen as a priority by the workplace.

Any small changes to the routine might help, it’s worth a try!

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