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Anxiety does not necessarily reflect guilt…

Candidate Screening:

Anxiety does not necessarily reflect guilt…

We often see articles around candidates lying on their CV, angry candidates trying to skip screening checks or anxious candidates worrying a dishonest CV will be picked up.

However we notice that actually there are two other main reasons as to why a candidate may be appearing anxious/unsettled.

Candidates that have not been through screening before would most likely (and justifiably) be anxious as this is an unknown process and they are wanting to start their new role. They may not understand the checks required or they worry checks might effect other situations in their personal life. For example; a candidate may require a credit check carried out and they are worried this would effect their credit score which could effect them completing a mortgage therefore the candidate may be adverse to this check being carried out (which could look like guilt in the first instance). A quick call to explain that the credit check (we do) doesn’t not show the credit score or effect it (soft check) puts the candidates mind at ease.

The other reason we have come across is that the candidate has been through the process before and they had a bad experience; this is completely understandable as it may have delayed their start date, caused them hassle and left them very frustrated (not a good start into a new job). We use a one point of contact system (with no ‘generalised’ email addresses) and also an initial phone call where we can answer any questions, however small to try and alleviate these concerns.

Personal Service

In the fast growing technology world we still believe a human approach is required for the screening as it can be delicate in dealing with former employers/current employers and we are also asking for personal details and information from the candidate.

Making this process as smooth as possible for your new employee shows them you care already!

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