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N - No Bias ; Spelling It Out

Bias: 'the action of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way, because of allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment'

Outsourced pre-employment screening companies carry out the research and investigations on the candidate and provide the client with the facts and outcomes; they do not provide opinions.

Pre-employment Screening provides accurate results of checks that have been requested from the client.

Using outsourced pre-employment screening lets the candidate feel comfortable in knowledge that the neutral third party collates their personal information and gives their new employer the facts.

Candidates can feel safe in the knowledge that there are no bias opinions taking place. Pre-employment screening companies have no other agenda than to carry out the required checks, collate the outcomes of the each check and provide these facts to the client.

P - Professional Qualifications

R - References & Regulatory References

E - Employment History

E - Education Verification

M - Memberships

P - Personal Reference

L - Legal Right To Work

O - Overseas Checks

Y - Yearly Checks

M - Media Search

E - Experience

N - National Insurance Number

T - Turnaround Times

S - Sanctions

C - Credit Checks

R - Residence History

E -Evaluation

E -Explanation

N -Name Changes

I - Identity Check

N - No Bias



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