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I - Identity Check; Spelling It Out...

Completing a background check based on false identity information could prevent you from receiving an accurate report on the candidate; candidates may provide false details in an effort to conceal adverse information. Identity verification is therefore an important first step for any background check. Identity checks are used by businesses to ensure their potential employee has provided correct information during the screening process. An identity check looks into the consistency of the address and date of birth given against the below and will give a confirmed or not confirmed result:

-Open Electoral Roll

-Credit Agencies

-Telephone Database

-Register of Deaths

The results usually come back within minutes.


P - Professional Qualifications

R - References & Regulatory References

E - Employment History

E - Education Verification

M - Memberships

P - Personal Reference

L - Legal Right To Work

O - Overseas Checks

Y - Yearly Checks

M - Media Search

E - Experience

N - National Insurance Number

T - Turnaround Times

S - Sanctions

C - Credit Checks

R - Residence History

E -Evaluation

E -Explanation

N -Name Changes

I - Identity Check

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Identity Check

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