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N - Name Changes; Spelling It Out.

During the screening process the candidate will likely be asked if they have ever been known by any other names; this is required on application forms for a variety of checks such as the credit check and criminal records checks. This information would also be used when requesting references and/or education verification if the name was changed after the employment/education time frame.

It doesn’t matter how long ago the change happened the screening company will still need to know these details; the date of the change would also be required. In some circumstances proof of the change may be requested such as a copy of the marriage certificate. This is sometimes necessary if other documents are in the other name.

At MJC our release form asks for ‘maiden name/any other names used’ so that when we are sending out information requests this had already been provided.

We come across many driving licences that have not been changed over or that do not hold the full legal name (middle names as well) – name changes to your driving licence are free; (please also note that an incorrect address on your driving licence can get you a fine of up to £1,000).


P - Professional Qualifications

R - References & Regulatory References

E - Employment History

E - Education Verification

M - Memberships

P - Personal Reference

L - Legal Right To Work

O - Overseas Checks

Y - Yearly Checks

M - Media Search

E - Experience

N - National Insurance Number

T - Turnaround Times

S - Sanctions

C - Credit Checks

R - Residence History

E -Evaluation

E -Explanation

N -Name Changes

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