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E - Explanation (Spelling it Out)

E- Explanation:

It is completely understandable that a candidate does not want to send across documents and information without an explanation of the screening process and the details of each check that is being asked to be carried out.

An initial phone call from the screening company to run through the checks and explain what is needed can speed up the process by answering any questions the candidate may have at the start and also give them a direct contact in the company of who they can speak to if they have any further questions.

Speaking to the screening company on the phone can make the process feel more personal and can help put the candidate as ease about sharing their data.

5 Call Benefits:

  1. Answer any questions instantly

  2. Discuss exact document requirements

  3. Puts candidate at ease

  4. Personal service, representing the client brand

  5. Candidate has direct point of contact

We find the call extremely useful to discuss the documents that are needed first so that the documents received are the correct ones first time round and that we don’t receive data that we don’t actually need therefore complying with GDPR.

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