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'E' Evaluation - Spelling It Out...

Evaluation; noun; the making of a judgement about the amount, number, or value of something; assessment.

As an outsourced pre-employment screening company we do not make decisions on whether to hire the candidate based on the screening that is carried out (one of the major benefits of using an outsourced company is the non biased view).

An important part of the pre-employment screening process is for the client to evaluate the information we have collated, checking whether it needs further clarification and if so who from – from the background screening company’s perspective, it’s important we apply an element of common sense to the checks, and if something obviously requires further investigation/clarification, to do that as part of the service. It’s about understanding our client requirements and performing the checks as thoroughly as possible, first time round.


P - Professional Qualifications

R - References & Regulatory References

E - Employment History

E - Education Verification

M - Memberships

P - Personal Reference

L - Legal Right To Work

O - Overseas Checks

Y - Yearly Checks

M - Media Search

E - Experience

N - National Insurance Number

T - Turnaround Times

S - Sanctions

C - Credit Checks

R - Residence History (See Previous Blog)

E -Evaluation

E - Everything Else (Sign Up)





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Pre-employment screening evaluation

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