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R- Residence History (Spelling It Out)

This data is usually gathered as part of a standard background check. The data is used to carry out certain checks such as credit, criminal and identity checks.

It is a really good idea to keep a private list of where and when you lived at each address to cover the last 5 years so that it is easy to provide when required. Remembering postcodes/house numbers after a few years of moving can be difficult to recall.

A full 5 years history is required to apply for a criminal records check; this cannot have any gaps therefore it is good to keep note of any overseas addresses as well.

This sort of information is also good to have to hand if you are going through tenant screening or applying for a mortgage.

The exact day in the month is not necessary but the month & year is!


P - Professional Qualifications

R - References & Regulatory References

E - Employment History

E - Education Verification

M - Memberships

P - Personal Reference

L - Legal Right To Work

O - Overseas Checks

Y - Yearly Checks

M - Media Search

E - Experience

N - National Insurance Number

T - Turnaround Times

S - Sanctions

C - Credit Checks (See previous blog)

R - Residence History

E -Evaluation (Sign Up!)






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