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C - Credit Checks (Spelling It Out)

It is important to point out that the type of credit check that is carried out within pre-employment screening does not affect a candidate’s credit score; the credit search carried out leaves a soft footprint and not a hard footprint on the individuals credit file. A soft footprint is not visible to anyone other than the individual; It is designed to only be visible to the candidate so they can track any potential fraudulent activity on their credit file. Credit checks will show up bankruptcies, county court judgments (CCJ) and individual voluntary arrangements (IVA) over the last 6 years (even when satisfied).

A credit check is a quick and simple process gathering a small amount of information (and consent) from the candidate which can be usually completed within a working day.

Credit checks are a good way to check the candidate’s honesty and reliability within their role. Companies across multiple sectors carry these out, not just within financial. There has also been a big increase in companies implementing ongoing checks on staff to make sure they are still compliant for their role; these are usually called fit and proper assessments.


P - Professional Qualifications

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C - Credit Checks

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Credit Checks

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