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T - Turnaround Times (Spelling It Out)

We get asked alot about turnaround times; see some of our thoughts below:

The turnaround times of screening checks can vary greatly, due to a number of factors such as the information coming from various sources. For example the MJC team see references received within an hour of requesting or sometimes up to 21 days.

We have a 10 day turn around time that our office team runs to and they make sure clients are aware of any delays as soon as possible where it might look to be over our 10 days or past the candidates start date that we have been given by the client (even when within the 10 days).

Candidates can help the process by giving direct contact details, further details (such as their employee number) or chasing directly - This is why a personal approach works best; it keeps the candidate informed and discussions can be had how best to complete the screening; candidate, client & screening company have no reason to want to delay any parts of the screening/onboarding. See our previous blog on ‘Personal Touch’.

Other factors contributing to turn around times within screening:

  • Further investigation needed on discrepancies

  • Referee giving incorrect dates

  • Regulatory References (FCA now allow up to 6 weeks)

  • Educational organisations on holidays

  • Candidates delaying in providing documentation after submitting the Information Release Form

  • Candidates asking to wait before referencing current employer

  • Candidate on holiday

  • Required to post the reference request

Would outsourcing pre-employment screening help your onboarding turnaround times?


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Turnaround Times

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