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Your CV is usually the first thing that is going to represent you to your prospective employer so spending that extra time on making sure the information is accurate is extremely important.

With the continued increase of pre-employment screening being implemented and carried out within all sectors, usually the employment can only move forward when the screening checks have been completed satisfactorily. Therefore the need for accuracy on a CV is also increasing.

Pre-employment screening checks are based on the information provided on the CV unless the candidate has volunteered any inaccuracies before the checks are carried out, which can be discussed with the prospective employer. Even simple inaccuracies on a CV that come to light during the screening process can appear to the prospective employer as dishonest and raise questions about the future employment.

Helpful Tips:

  • Unsure about a grade? If you are unsure about the exact grade of a qualification don’t put a guess onto your CV as if/when this shows as incorrect in the screening it can appear dishonest (even if it was a genuine mistake).

  • Get someone to double check your CV – A simple typo on an employment date or job title can appear in screening checks and again raise concerns for the prospective employer.

  • Be up front and honest about any gaps between employments.

There is usually a way to verify almost, if not, all the information on a CV so make sure it is accurate and honest.

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