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Looking After Employee's, Post Employment

Once an employee has handed in their notice they should still be looked after like the very first day they arrived in the company. When they leave the company and even when they may have been gone a few years any further communication should be as productive as when they worked for the company.

One important factor for this is the speed in which a previous employer provides a reference. The speed or lack of providing references can cause problems such as the candidate may be delayed in starting their new role or even losing their potential offered position.

The employee may have left but the company still needs their good press and as word of mouth is still the most important factor for a business’s reputation it needs to be looked at as a must do. Former employees have the power to prevent great candidates applying for roles within your company if they have had a bad experience, this can change how others perceive the company.

This also has a knock on effect for who may be requesting the reference; Did they have to chase after the SLA? Was it an easy process to obtain? All of these factors get passed on to other clients which in turn is also possible business that may be lost.

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