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Providing The Facts (Not Opinions)

For the Business:

Pre-employment screening companies do the research and investigations on the candidate and provide the client with the facts and outcomes, they do not provide opinions. Pre-employment Screening provides accurate results of checks that have been requested from the client. At Matthew James Consulting these are bespoke packages made for each individual client and dependent on the service industry needs.

Screening Employee's

For the Candidate:

Using an outsourced pre-employment screening lets the candidate feel comfortable in knowledge that the neutral third party collates their personal information and gives their new employer the facts. Candidates can feel safe in the knowledge that there is no bias.

Pre-employment screening companies have no agenda other than to carry out the required checks, collate the outcomes of the each check and provide these facts to the client.

This process creates a smooth onboarding process for the candidate which in turn creates a positive start to their new career, boosting moral and thus productivity.

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