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Friday's Fraud Facts

What is Fraud?

Fraud is when an individual deliberately causes loss to another individual or party through dishonest acts and deception.

‘Over 60% of all frauds in 2014 were from Employment Application Fraud’

What to do when you have uncovered a false employment Application:

Withdraw any offer of employment then contact and report to the appropriate authorities such as UK Border Agency. If a recruitment agency has been involved you will also need to let them know the situation.

How to Prevent Employee Fraud:

  1. Conduct Pre-employment Screening Checks on ALL levels of employee’s this includes contractors and temporary roles; fraudsters have been known to gain access into a business through these roles on the basis that Pre-employment Screening is only carried out on permanent employees.

  2. Review access and permission rights for each employee regularly – Make sure they have to correct amount of access for their role such as access different drives on the network or certain room/storage access’s.

  3. When an employee leaves the business make sure all access is stopped – Close down accounts for computer access and online logins.

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