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Negligent Hiring

Negligent hiring is a legal claim made against the employer. Employers have a duty of care which is also known as ‘due diligence’.

Pre-employment screening outsource

As the employer you must show that you have done everything within your power to avoid hiring someone that could cause the company, employees or customers any problems.

Screening new employees must be a part of the on boarding process to avoid negligent hiring. Employers cannot escape liability by stating they did not know an employees past.

Pre-employment checks are essential to avoiding negligent hiring but the employer must still remain non-biased as in-house checks can cause accusations of discrimination. Outsourcing your checks to a pre-employment screening company reduces the liability of negligent hiring and helps prevent accusations of discrimination - giving extra security for the employer, their company and their customers.

Don’t let negligent hiring have a negative effect on your company and its reputation

Outsourcing is the solution

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