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Screening Top Tips:

Always implement a screening policy – This shows the company is complying with employment law and helps to demonstrate what the company standards are.

  • Advertise your pre-employment screening – Fraudulent candidates are less likely to apply if they are aware that your company operates a pre-employment screening process.

  • Always verify previous employment and education – Many CV’s contain discrepancies in the employment and educations sections; these can be minor, discussed with the candidate and rectified but then again these can highlight certain characteristics that you don’t want in your company.

  • Always check the overseas history – Hiring a candidate with overseas education and/or employment is increasing and, although sometimes more difficult to obtain, it still needs to be verified.

  • Check everyone, not just your full time employees – Anyone that you have given access to your company can potentially harm it and damage your reputation.

Additionally, it is wise to consider screening your

Screening Top Tips

current employees to make sure they are up to the company standards. Also think about implementing a regular screening action, perhaps annually.

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