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Yes or No?


With the increased use of technology and social media being used by just about everyone, is it acceptable for a prospective employer to look up their candidate on social media sites?

Some employers may find it a quick and convenient source to find out more about the candidate, see if they would fit into the work place and check that they are who they say they are.

You can never forget what you have seen – social media can give information on the candidate such as age, race and sexual orientation. Is the other information gained worth the possible accusation of discrimination?

By carrying out social media screening employers are opening themselves up to a wide range of issues such as discrimination, data privacy and ethical concerns. It must also be remembered that social media sites are not trustworthy sources of information. There are many other ways to check the candidate’s authenticity such as reference checks, credit check and criminal record checks.

If an employer wants to check the social media of the candidate, they would be best advised to have a policy in place for social media screening and the candidate must be aware that they are carrying it out.

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