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Internal Screening

There continues to be a significant rise in the amount of News stories about employee fraud, scams, unqualified ‘professionals’…the list goes on.

Pre-employment screening introduces a level of security against the risk of a bad hire.

It’s not about the majority, it’s about finding the minority that could potentially harm your company.

Have your current employees been screened to the level that your company needs?

When implementing a new pre-employment screening process, make sure that the employees you already do have meet the standard you expect. Are they who they said they were? Ongoing employee checks is becoming ever more important and needs to be thought about when moving a business forward. All employees can feel that they are being treated equally if they all go through the same process.

Continuing an internal employee screening process within the company:

internal employee screening

High Risk Positions:

Employees in these positions should be checked on a regular basis to be sure that they remain fit and proper for the role that they are employed for.

Promoting Employees:

Screening should take place to make sure they are the right employee for the job, even if they work there already.

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