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Election! How did it feel?

Over the past 5 weeks, party leaders and politicians have been canvassing the electorate vying for votes. They have travelled the country trying to persuade voters that their party is the one to lead the country forward. What method have they chosen to carry out their respective campaigns? The personal approach. They have all, without fail, gone out to meet with or speak to the people they are directly trying to recruit. Making that effort makes the voters feel wanted. What they don’t do is try to connect with their voters online. Approaches like that are seen as lazy and impersonal and don’t make voters feel valued by the respective parties.

pre-employment screening candidate experience

How does this relate to Pre-Employment Screening?

Well, the same ‘rules’ can be applied. When a candidate is offered and accepts a job, they have a feel good factor. They have met a number of people in the business, got on well with them and are looking forward to starting their new role. Imagine then how they feel when they are subsequently sent a link to a portal asking them to fill out lengthy application forms and submit personal documents. It is a highly impersonal, often arduous, process and involves the candidate doing all the work. It can also be unnerving having to send personal documents to a portal on a website they know nothing about. Feel good factor gone in an instant.

Contrast this, with the candidate receiving a call from a professional Pre-Employment Screening provider congratulating them on their new job and explaining that they work on behalf of their new employer. The caller then explains what checks will be carried out and why, advises what information is required and finally explains that all the work in putting the information together will be done for them. Oh, and that if they have any questions at any time, here is a direct number they can reach the Screener on.

The difference is clear, the candidate experience is improved markedly and the feel good factor is fully intact. I know which one I would vote for!

If you would like information on the checks we carry out or have questions relating to Pre-Employment Screening generally, please email or call 02071180152 for a FREE NO OBLIGATION call.

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