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We all aim to treat others how we wish to be treated, so in business treat your candidate how you wish them to treat your clients

pre-employment screening candidate experience

There is a significant increase in the use of technology for the candidate ‘on boarding’ process; Candidates are being asked to input all their details through online portals with a lack of any personalisation or human contact.

Is this how your company wants to be perceived?

The pre-employment screening process should be seen as an extended part of the candidate’s first experience of their new employer, learning how that company deals with their employees and their clients. Companies constantly strive to give a personal service to their clients and the on-boarding process should mirror that.

When deciding how the pre-employment screening process is carried out, making sure that it matches the company values is vital. Pre-employment screening companies that give the new candidate a personal point of contact and speak with them through out the process ensure that they are on-boarded in a way that the company would want them to deal with their clients.

pre-employment screening personal contact

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