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Exaggerating the truth is OK, Right?

Pre employment screening

63% of CV’s contain discrepancies

Employers need to know the real facts of who they are employing; with the increase of automatic systems completing the screening and over stretched HR departments being asked to carry out this on top of all their other duties - it is very likely things are going to be overlooked. There really is no substitute for human analysis. An outsourced pre-employment screening company can provide expertise in this area and is an independent eye on the CV.

People aged 25 – 32 are more likely to embellish their CV’s

Companies that are putting in place a new pre-employment screening process should likely think about screening their current employees as well. Just because they joined the firm before screening was in place, shouldn’t make them immune from the new screening procedures. It may be that their visas have now expired or they now may not have the required qualifications due to regulation changes. This is potentially very damaging for a firm both from a financial and reputational perspective.

In days gone by, and possibly still today, there was a general belief that exaggerating the facts on your CV was normal and accepted. That is no longer the case. Employers need to act to protect themselves as much as possible.

(Statistics from an eye opening article -

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