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During the ‘on boarding’ process the candidate is expected to share a lot of personal data before beginning their employment in your company. The security of this information is paramount and there must be certain systems and processes in place. It must also meet the standards laid out in the Data Protection Act 1998.

Unless there is specific training put into place, the in house HR department might not be up to date with the correct standards or changing legislations.

Outsourcing gives the process to a company that is solely set up to complete the process with the experience and expertise necessary. Gathering the information in accordance with the law and keeping it securely. Eliminating the risk of confidentiality breaches.

For example a screening company will have a data protection policy which is set out specifically for employment screening purposes – All staff will have been trained in regards to this policy. This will also state how information is stored.

Something to keep in mind… Do you know how secure your emails are? And how long they are recoverable even after being deleted?

Pre-employment screening

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