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The Candidate Experience

Pre-employment screening candidate experience

First Impressions are Vital – From Both Sides

The candidate should be the priority of the entire recruitment process. Once you’ve decided to hire them the ‘on boarding’ process should be slick with the aim being to maintain the candidate’s enthusiasm for their new employment within your company.

Both positive and negative candidate experiences will impact your company and nowadays most likely be shared on social media.

“Unless companies invest in actively monitoring candidate experience and improving their hiring processes, the candidates they approach today may negatively influence the people they want to attract tomorrow. A poor reputation can stifle the talent pipeline for the future.”

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For example:

Pre-employment screening companies are representatives of your business. Most ask the candidate to input their own details onto an online system before checks can be commenced. This hugely relies on the candidate and them inputting all the information needed. It can be very frustrating for the candidate to set up login details and remember them, it can be time consuming and sometimes awkward to use.

Does your candidate understand why they need to put their personal details onto an online system? Who would they contact if they had any queries or concerns?

At Matthew James Consulting - we believe in communicating with the candidate directly – Explaining what information we need from them and WHY. The candidate will then have that direct point of contact throughout the entire screening process.

Here are 3 key factors to creating a great candidate experience:

-Make it personal

-Be Responsive

-Be Honest

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