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Screening Without A Safety Net?

Some firms carry out their pre-employment screening checks ‘internally’ or ‘in-house’. Others require the recruitment agency supplying the candidate to carry out the checks. This is often done in preference to using an independent screening provider because it is perceived as cheaper to do so.

Pre-Employment Screening Safety Net

And it is cheaper (in terms of cost, not time), until there is a problem. If an HR team member is tasked with carrying out the screening process they will likely be under time pressure from the hiring manager to get the checks done as quickly as possible in order to get the candidate started. Mistakes can happen particularly under time pressure and when the task is not the main element of your role. Likewise, when a Recruitment Agency is tasked with carrying out the screening, they have a vested interest in that candidate ‘passing’. There is a certain conflict of interests there and again, mistakes can occur.

Mistakes are expensive.

Are you sure your workers are legal?

If a company is found to be employing an illegal worker, they can be fined up to £20,000 per person. Illegal workers include students with expired visas, students working more hours than they are allowed to and people working on a vistors visa. It is easy for them to slip through the screening net if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

At this point, employing a Pre-Employment Screening Company would have been the much cheaper option.

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