1. Employment History; a global check to obtain confirmation of employment dates directly from the employer which is checked against the CV (usually provided at the interview stage) to check the integrity of candidate.

MJC usually covers 5 years history unless FCA regulatory references are required which cover 6 years history (FCA handbook, Chapter 22).


Speak to us further regarding your FCA compliance.

2. Adverse Financial Check / Probity Check; a UK check which refers to any adverse credit history such as late or non-payment of debts, the check does not affect a candidate’s credit score and would show the following: Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), County Court Judgements (CCJs) & Bankruptcy.

3. Criminal Records (UK); always check the Government website for which level of check you can legally carry out on your employee’s (

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4. Qualifications & Professional Memberships; a global check to confirm any qualifications & memberships relevant and/or required for the candidate’s role, this is also checked against the CV to check integrity of the candidate.

5. Identity Search; adding an additional layer of security when used in conjunction with other checks such as a criminal records check to give further validation that the information provided by the candidate is true.

The search covers UK and searches against credit agencies, telephone databases & electoral role information.

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New Check Alert!

New for 2020

Online Profile Analysis;

A global check which performs an online behaviour search covering social networking sites, professional networking sites, mobile only apps, outdated networks, blogs/vlogs, media and so much more…

This check is an exciting enhancement to screening packages and rescreening projects;  91% of employers admit to carrying out some sort of online search on candidates; use this check to keep it legal & unbiased, with full consent from the candidate.


Protect your company, brand, employee’s & customers by checking online behaviour & integrity of your candidate.


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